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ReSelf is your 24/7 friend and personal coach guiding you on your journey to become a weight loss and fitness hero. Because we’re experts on how people change, we’ve created a series of engaging and successively more difficult challenges to help you to develop the mindset of a hero – to say no to what you will later regret, and to say yes to the you that you’ve always wanted to be. As we get to know you, we design the best weight loss and fitness program for you, and then make sure that you succeed.  There’s plenty of support from the community, and if you wish, you can find your personal weight loss buddy.


Only 10% of all diets succeed, because your mind gets in the way.


You're 5 X more likely to succeed if you have skin in the game!


Recording goals increases your success by 43%!

What the mind believes the body achieves

Dr. Michael Tobin